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  • Location: Budapest

  • Date: 2016-2018 

  • Size: 1,200 m2 

  • Client: Public Commission

  • Architecture: Bánáti + Hartvig Építész Iroda

  • Interior Design: Demeter Design Stúdió 

  • Design team: Nóra Demeter, Ákos Csigó, Magdi Dobó, Andrea Hanusovszky, Tibor Polgár


The project is located in a historic monument adjacent to the Parliament and was designed by Imre Steindl in 1898-1899. The top levels were converted into a private residency and a representational venue. Our job was to create a contemporary interior which reinterprets the historic and traditional motifs of the Parliament building. A two-story venue for representational purposes was integrated into the mansard, whilst the residence became a serene and elegant series of “traditional” spaces.

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