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  • Location: Budapest

  • Date: 2020

  • Size: 2600 m²

  • Client: ING Bank N.V. Hungary Branch

  • Interior design: Demeter Design Stúdió

  • Design team: Nóra Demeter, Ákos Csigó, Petra Farkas, Anita Kern, Nenad Zoric


The ING headquarters is located in one of the iconic  buildings of 20th-century Hungarian office architecture, designed by the Dutch architect Erick van Egeraat: the somewhat deconstructivist building was inspired by the proportions of the urban block fabric of Budapest, combined with the colors and forms of the neighbouring  Citypark „Liget”, appearing  on the external and internal facades. DDS sought to strengthen the connection between the new and the old, by continuing the original use of building DNA, integrating the quality  new ING brand, redveloping the office spatial layouts, using natural materials and developing new collaborative areas. A new central space, the ING

Forum, encourages a new form of interaction and exchange. Combining the function of „café”, meals, co-working and an inner atrium-garden establishes a relationship between office and nature.

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