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  • Location: Budapest 

  • Date: 2018 

  • Size: 380 m2 

  • Client: OTP Bank Nyrt. 

  • Interior Design: Demeter Design Stúdió

  • Design team: Nóra Demeter, Ákos Csigó, Magdi Dobó, Andrea Hanusovszky, Nenad Zoric, Ivett Pásztor


Commissioned to design the first cashless bank branch in Hungary, Demeter Design Studió sought to create a space that heralds innovation and where monetary transactions can be easily and effectively carried out. OTP wished to maintain the basic features of the corporate brand, whilst allowing for a completely new spatial concept to be conceived. All components of the new interior were custom designed, including the floating advisory pods with acoustic panels and the consultation platforms for clients. Using the curved lines characteristic of the brand image of the bank, we designed a dynamic lighting system which provides a sufficient amount of brightness required for an office besides functioning as a decorative element.

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