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  • Location: Balatonvilágos 

  • Date: 2009-2011   

  • Size: 500 m2 

  • Client: Private 

  • Architecture and interior design: Zoboki-Demeter and Associates (ZDA)   

  • Design team: Nóra Demeter, László Kakas, Péter Böhler, Eszter Kovács


This is a contemporary home on the shore of Lake Balaton, with direct lakefront access. The owners wished to have a “sanctuary” created from where they can admire the views of the lake. The home was built to provide a home for three generations, so we had to create both communal and clearly separated spaces. The building has an inner courtyard which is seamlessly connected with the indoor common area. The slim window walls, which can be completely opened, ensure that nothing obstructs the view of the lake.

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