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  • Location: Hőgyész, Hungary

  • Date: 2015-2017

  • Size: 7,000 m2 

  • Client: Pharaon Beta Kft. 

  • Architecture: Öt Elem Építésziroda

  • Architects: Kálmán Czakó, Öt Elem: Ákos Dobrányi, Tamás Radnóti

  • Interior Design: Demeter Design Stúdió

  • Design team: Nóra Demeter, Ákos Csigó, Magdi Dobó, Ibolya Fehér, Andrea Hanusovszky, Miklós Leits, Tibor Polgár, Edina Simon


This project involved the renovation of an 18th-century castle situated in a 5-hectare park into a 5-star boutique hotel. The castle, once the residency of the Apponyi family, was transformed into a hotel in 2005, but the work caused significant damage to the integrity of the building. Our design restored the historic monument to its original beauty and grandeur, and also furnished it with all the comforts of the 21st century. The park surrounding the building was also redesigned, so guests can now enjoy all of its 18th-century magnificence.

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