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Apponyi castle

Location: Hőgyész

Date: 2015 - 2017

Size: 8000 m2

Architecture: Öt Elem Architecture, Kálmán Czakó, Tibor Polgár

Interior Design: Demeter Design Studio

Design Team: Ákos Csigó, Nóra Demeter, Magdi Dobó, Ibolya Fehér, Andrea Hanusovszky, Miklós Leits, Mózes Anett, Tibor Polgár, Edina Simon, Zoltán Szász

In 2015 Demeter Design Studio was commissioned to design the complete refurbishment of the Apponyi Castle in Hőgyész, Hungary. The property is to be developed into a 5-star hotel, situated in the heart of a 5.5 hectare park.

The 18th Century castle, although renovated 15 years ago, has been inoperative for over 10 years. The design calls for a contemporary intervention whilst reinfusing the nobility and elegance of an aristocratic property. DDS is responsible for the overall design, including the interior design of the 26 key property. The restoration of the monument, the creation of a new landscaped garden and the interior design will create a unique designation.

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