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Lechner exhibition

Location: Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

Date: 2014

Size: 650 m2 

Interior Design: ZDA / Zoboki-Demeter and Associates Architects

Design Team: Nóra Demeter, Magdi Dobó, Ibolya Fehér, Edina Simon

Photo: Gellért Áment


Ödön Lechner, the greatest master of the Hungarian art nouveau movement, was a creative genius. A large-scale exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the architect’s death presented his entire oeuvre in chronological order.

The installation demonstrated the impact of his powerful architectural concept: the design of the exhibition, oriented around hexagonal platforms, as well as the motifs on the walls and the floor, all indirectly evoked the works of the master. In the presentation of his work, not only the architectural drawings, but also the ceramic elements from his facades as fabricated by the Zsolnay factory in Pécs.

The exhibition concentrated on the presentation of a significant cultural and architectural heritage.

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