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  • Location: Budapest 

  • Date: 2018 

  • Size: 4500 m2 

  • Client: Codic Hungary 

  • Architecture:  OK2  

  • Interior Design: Demeter Design Stúdió

  • Design Team: Nóra Demeter, Magdi Dobó, Andrea Hanusovszky, Edina Simon, Miklós Leits, Tibor Polgár, Ivett Pásztor, Nenad Zoric


We were commissioned to design a new development structured around an old school building which combines living and working spaces. The new wing of the development was woven into the fabric of the historic school building, which serves as a loft-like office area. DDS designed the interior of the residential units and the office, working closely with the architects to create spaces in line with the diverse qualities of the multiple-use development.

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