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Location: Shenzen, China

Date: 2008 - 2013

Size: 52 000 m2 

Architecture/Interior Design: ZDA - Zoboki-Demeter and Associates Architects

Design Team: Richárd Borzák, Péter Böhler, Nóra Demeter, János Erőss, Endre Finta, Erik Halmosi, Nóra Hess, Krisztián Jancsó, László Kakas, Eszter Kovács, Miklós Leits, István Országh, Csaba Rajnai, Béla Reppert, László Rózsás, Adrián Savanyú, Csaba Silvester, Gábor Szatmári, Béla Szokolay, Linda Tolnai, Zoltán Turi, Gábor Zoboki


A performing arts facility inaugurated in Shenzhen, China, designed by ZDA, has joined the ranks of one of the most unique cultural venues in the country.

The building houses a multifunctional concert hall holding 1400 seats, a children's theatre of 350 seats and extensive public spaces, all embodied in a large complex of cultural and sports facilities in the heart of Nanshan District. The concert hall works without amplification, offering a new concert venue with world-class acoustics within its wooden-clad hall.

The complex is linked to a larger sports facility and a contemporary art museum, which was conceived to house a variety of local and international art exhibitions and installations.

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