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MÜPA sound studio

Location: Budapest

Date: 2020 - 2022

Size: 100 m2 

Interior Design: Demeter Design Studio

Design Team: Nóra Demeter, Andrea Hanusovszky, Miklós Leits, Eszter Salgó, Nenad Zoric

Photo: Tamás Réthey-Prikkel


The interior refurbishment of the MÜPA Sound Studio 2022 was necessary due to the outdated equipment and cladding of the building, which was nearly 17 years old.

Understanding the studio's specific needs, DDS was able to work with the co-designers on the essentially room acoustics project, delivering a high quality of workmanship that is outstanding in Hungary. The exemplary result came from the inspiring meeting and joint work of the users of the hall, the operator, the designers and the contractor.


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